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The CHANGE Centre

The CHANGE Centre will host summer CHANGE Adventure Camp activities, school-specific programming, workplace retreats, private rentals, and more!

The principles of the CHANGE Health Clinic include:



The four pillars of CHANGE Health are:

& meal preparation

Physical activity & lifelong wellness

Mental health & well-being

Family relationships & community connections

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The vision of CHANGE Health is to be one of Canada’s leading health protection and improvement nonprofits for adults, children and families through collaboration with community members, educators, businesses, health care, and government. By co-designing solutions through authentic partnerships, the CHANGE Centre will support Alberta Families to learn, or for most of us, re-learn healthy living through lifelong healthy nutrition, active lifestyles, and positive social connections.

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Our Team

The staff and collaborators of the Centre steward the network of relationships that lead to the community-engaged activities of CHANGE Health throughout Parkland County and Edmonton.

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